The Story

When I was a little girl, I remember my grandma had taken over two entire cabinets in our bathroom and filled them with egg crates that she used to separate her extensive collection of earrings. She was meticulous about matching the perfect earrings with her vibrantly colored and patterned dresses. I must believe that this image sat in my subconscious for decades before it unearthed itself in 2020. 

I was in my seventh year of teaching High School English when the pandemic hit and I, like many, discovered a talent in the midst of my boredom in quarantine. I began messing around with my mother-in-law's Cricut and taught myself how to make faux leather earrings that I sold to friends and family. It was then that my friend, Teddi, nudged me to try gemstones and after I placed my first order of them, I was hooked. I opened an online store in 2020 and began honing my craft while continuing to teach. 

In late December of 2022, my husband, two kids, mother-in-law, and I made a move across the country from Texas to Colorado, and I decided at that point to leave the classroom and take Stoic Sage Designs to the next level. My husband gifted me a metalsmith class at Silver Peak Studio, and I was hooked. I now study under and am mentored by Jen Lesea at Silver Peak Studio and am constantly working on new metals collections.

I pride myself on my attention to detail in my work, my design aesthetic in working with mixed materials, and my keen eye for color palettes within my wood and stones. At my core, I love humanity and therefore; I love working one on one with clients to create custom and unique pieces that are specific to their aesthetic and needs. 

Should you have any special requests, desire custom work, or would like to see my designs in your shop or boutique, please feel free to reach out. I would love to speak with you. 

Be well,