What is your return policy? 

Each piece comes with a 30 day guarantee. Should there be a defect in the design or an issue with its construction, you may return it for a full refund including shipping. 

I have sensitive skin. What is in your metal? 

Most allergies to metal come from nickel in the metal. All metals used in my designs are nickel free and hypoallergenic.

Where do your stones come from? 

I work with sellers all over the world to be able to provide you the best selection. Each seller I work with has assured me of ethical business practices. 

Do you sell in person or at any stores? 

Currently, you can shop some of my designs at Otis Handcrafted at 400 S. Boulder Rd. Follow my Instagram account @stoicsagedesigns for information on festivals and fairs I will participate in. 

What is the difference between handmade and hand designed? 

Handmade pieces are found in my metal work. This means that I have hand sawed/cut, sanded, polished, designed, and created the piece. These designs will be a higher price point due to the time and materials it takes to create each piece. 

Hand designed pieces are where I have purchased pre-fabricated metal and wood in order to create a unique design. These designs are still unique and my own, but someone/something else has produced the materials. 

Product Care & Tips

As with all handmade and hand designed jewelry, it is important to care for your pieces properly. Moisture is the root of all evil when it comes to preserving any jewelry, so it is encouraged to store your jewelry in dry places where there is low humidity. 

COPPER: Copper can turn your skin green because of an oxidation reaction. When copper mingles with external elements such as oxygen, sweat on your skin, and other oils, it can leave copper carbonate on the skin, which shows up as a green layer. This reaction is completely natural and not at all harmful. On each copper piece, I have coated it in ProtectaClear in order to create a barrier between the copper and your skin. Eventually, this will wear off due to the natural oils in your skin, and when it does, you can coat it again with clear nail polish. It sounds crazy, but it works! Always take your copper pieces off when washing your hands or applying lotion. 

STONES: Stones are fragile. If you drop or toss your stone pieces on a hard surface, there is a chance the stones could chip, break, or come off of the piece. Please treat them kindly. 

CHILDREN: Let's face it, many people stop wearing jewelry when they have kids because the littles love to pull and tug the "shiny things." Oftentimes, if a child pulls on a necklace or earring and it "breaks," it can easily be fixed by reconnecting the jump hoop. I have walked people through this process on FaceTime, so if this happens, let's jump on a call and see if we can fix it together.